Insurance companies cover many types of prosthetics and yet they do not cover the cost of a wig, a hair prosthetic, which is just as important to a child’s self-esteem and quality of life. Insurance companies should cover wigs for children just like any other medically necessary prosthetic.


–State Representative Sarah Roberts


Imagine being a kid, having a critical disease, and losing your hair as a result. Our legislation to help kids get the wigs they need is a small step to help solve a big problem in these children’s lives.


–State Representative Jon Hoadley

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We’ve all seen children look in a mirror and smile, laugh and like what they see. But children who suffer from hair loss because of a medical condition or treatment don’t always like what they see in the mirror. We’re familiar with groups that provide wigs that can make these kids feel good about themselves again. But the demand is great and these groups still have to cover the cost of the wigs and products they provide to these kids free-of-charge.

House Bill 4718 and House Bill 4808 would require insurers to provide coverage for human or synthetic hair replacements to children under the age of 19 who have experienced hair loss as the result of a medical condition or the treatment of a medical condition. The bill has bipartisan support, and says that insurance coverage for wigs cannot be less than coverage offered for any other prosthesis.

Visit the committee website to track action on this bill.

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While a number of organizations in Michigan provide wigs and other support free-of-charge to thousands of children every year suffering from hair loss, these organizations still have to cover the costs of the wigs and products they provide. Please sign the petition in support of House Bill 4718 so that all children can receive the wigs, hair replacements and products they need.

How You Can Help

Here’s another way you can promote awareness of this issue. Hair professionals may download a special PDF created just for them to clip and post on their mirror. We’ve also created a PDF to download and hand to a friend or hair professional that might not have been aware of this issue. Thank you for your support in this effort to get children with hair loss the coverage they deserve.